Thank You, North Pointe Church!

Thank You, North Pointe Church!

A Huge Thank you goes out to the members of North Pointe Church in Land O’Lakes who came to our Thonotosassa Campus on March 22nd for the Annual NPC Work Day!

From pressure cleaning to painting rooms to laying new flooring to cleaning and organizing the food pantry, to carpet cleaning to replacing the sprinkler heads on our own private water platform and so much more, North Pointe Church members tackled more than we could ever dream of in the five+ hours that they were here. Plus, they surprised us with a New Gas Grill!

Thank you again, North Pointe Church, for being so faithful and supportive to our children and agency.

NPC workday front of EBIpantryGarys kids room 2014 Workday 2014 front

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