“Give Change to Make Change” MOSI Summer Camp Gala

“Give Change to Make Change” MOSI Summer Camp Gala

Everyday Blessings is excited to share with you a new opportunity to support EBI and the local community.  MOSI is hoping to raise $100,000 (in change!) to send 400 children to Science Camp this summer, hopefully to include the children of Everyday Blessings!

Here’s how to get involved… Bring your kiddos to MOSI and pick up a free piggy bank by April 25th. Fill the banks up until May 3rd, when MOSI with host the Children’s Gala to celebrate the efforts of our community’s children. A piggy bank filled with change is your ticket in! This special evening will be hosted by Sid the Science Kid and include a Kool-Aid Happy Hour, eating dessert first, a variety of kid-perfect dinner options and other Science-themed fun! What an incredible way to teach philanthropy to our children while also giving the chance to go to Science Camp to the kids of EBI.

Go to www.mosi.org/what-to-do/childrens-gala.aspx for more info!

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