Final Four Hours of The 2014 Giving Challenge!

Final Four Hours of The 2014 Giving Challenge!

We are in the final hours of the Challenge!

Raised for Local Nonprofits as of 6pm last night – 10,552 gifts totaling an AMAZING $1,733,142.75!

Everyday Blessings needs your support to try and earn some of the $220,000 in Grant Incentives.

See the list of incentives below to find out how you can help:

OPPORTUNITY 1: THE MOST DONORS Tiered grant awards for the organizations to get the highest number of “unique” (individual) donors who give online at during the 24-hour period:

1st place (most unique donors) $20,000 grant, 2nd place $15,000 grant, 3rd place $10,000 grant,4th place $5,000 grant, 5th place $2,500 grant, 6th place – 15th place $1,000 grant

OPPORTUNITY 2: THE FAST 50 $1,000 grant each to the 30 nonprofits that are the first to get 50 donors to give $50 or more online at

OPPORTUNITY 3: THE MOST INTERNATIONAL $2,000 grant to the ONE nonprofit to receive donations originating from the most countries on

OPPORTUNITY 4: THE MOST PATRIOTIC $2,000 grant to the ONE nonprofit to receive donations from the most U.S. states on

OPPORTUNITY 5: THE RANDOM MOTIVATOR -Hourly $250 grants added to one random donor’s gift who gave during that hour on (24 to be awarded, $250 per donor) -One $5,000 addition to a random donor’s gift who gives between the hours of 12 a.m. and 2 a.m. -$6,000 in surprises!

OPPORTUNITY 6: THE GIVING PARTNER CHALLENGERS $4,000 grant to each of the SIX nonprofits to drive the most traffic to their profiles in The Giving Partner ( during the 24-hour period. Traffic will be measured using unique visitors tracked on Google Analytics. Organizations that set up ad-bots will be disqualified. Everyone can do this!!!

Each gift is 100% tax-deductible and will be applied to general operating support for the nonprofit of the donor’s choice. All gifts are irrevocable. This means that we cannot issue refunds.

The donor will immediately receive a tax receipt sent to the email address he or she provided.

Let us know how you supported Everyday Blessings! Thank you.

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