EBI’s Springboard Program in Herald-Tribune

EBI’s Springboard Program in Herald-Tribune

Sarasota program offers homes for foster teens
Article by Bob and Joan Geyer, guest columnists

If you are in foster care, your biggest concern may be where you will live tomorrow. A Florida Senate bill, which was sponsored by state Sen. Nancy Detert and became law, changed that.

As of Jan. 1, Florida youths 18 years of age and older can choose to remain in foster care and receive housing, educational and other support services.

Thanks to Everyday Blessings Inc., Sarasota has the Springboard Program, which turns that wonderful piece of legislation into a reality.

Everyday Blessings, in addition to offering a program that provides homes for foster care sibling groups, now has an innovative program designed just for these young adults.

The Springboard Program provides affordable, furnished and centrally located homes in Sarasota. In addition, the youths receive real-world life skills training, tutoring, mentoring and therapeutic services to allow them the best opportunity to successfully transition to full independence.

Often, foster-care youths at this age do not have sufficient support from family and friends. Without the Springboard Program, they might face an increased chance of homelessness, incarceration or unwanted pregnancy.

I believe we are the type of community that would want all of our 18-year-olds to be able to choose their own birthday celebration, don’t you? Let’s all get behind this worthy cause!

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