Summer is here at Everyday Blessings, Inc.!

For us, that means summer camp, fun outings, and our kids running and playing on our beautiful campus. It also means time to reflect.Like many of you, it has been an emotional roller coaster over the last year+.  We’re hopeful that we are finally entering the “good” part of the ride. Our children are certainly hoping so too as they have endured every feeling imaginable in the past 18 months.  They, along with our amazing staff members, are optimistic about a summer filled with memories & unique experiences.  These are all possible due to our dedicated group of friends and supporters.

This past year has seen kids make great improvements in school, children reunited with families, adoptions, and too many fun events to even count.  Food and supplies have been donated on a non-stop basis allowing us to spend time on other areas to benefit the kids.Birthday parties and theme park outings are always great, but we never lose focus of our ultimate responsibility.

We are tasked and Blessed with the physical and emotional care of these kids. We must prepare them for an eventual reunification with family, adoption, or other permanency plans. That could mean tending to medical, educational, or emotional needs, and sometimes all of the above.  We want to ensure that when the time comes for a permanent placement after Everyday Blessings, they are prepared to be successful.  Having them here is great and we know that they will receive the very best care, but foster care is no place to grow up.  Having them prepared for that time is a total team effort that includes all of you.  When you donate, volunteer, or spread awareness, it has a direct effect on our ability to do so.  We can’t do it without you!

Lets all have a great summer!

Richard L. Stroud, Executive Director