Keeping siblings together in a safe and nurturing environment. Serving young adults aging out of foster care.

This is our mission! Hopefully, as supporters of Everyday Blessings, Inc and our SpringBoard program, you already knew this.

“Keeping siblings together”… what does that really mean and why is it so important? It may surprise you to know that the sibling relationship is usually that longest relationship you will have. For many children in foster care, their brother or sister has been the only constant presence in their lives. A brother or sister may be the only person who truly knows what they are feeling, what they are fearing, and what they are wanting for their future. Time after time, our kids tell us that they wouldn’t know what they would do without their brothers or sisters. This is especially true during the that being separated from their siblings can me more harmful than being removed from their parents. Everyday Blessings, Inc. makes sure that doesn’t happen.

What difficulties face kids aging out of the foster care system? At 18, kids in foster care face an uncertain future. Without intervention and support from programs like SpringBoard, the prospects for these young adults can be dire. The following are only a few:

• 70% of girls will be pregnant before age 21 • 20% will be instantly homeless

• 60% will be incarcerated at some time in their life • Only 3% will get a 4-year degree

SpringBoard provides furnished apartments, mentoring, counseling, real-world life skills, and access to public transportation. We are in our 7th year of service and the success stories are endless. Sometimes success is just a safe place to stay for a year or it could be much more, like the completion of their 4-year-degree. Most kids at this age are not ready to begin life on their own. We consider ourselves an extended family to these young adults. Long after they have graduated from our program, they still reach out and share their current challenges and successes. SpringBoard is the only program of its kind in the area.

With all that being said, this is what I want you to remember: We can’t do any of it without YOU! That is not an exaggeration or false praise. We do not receive enough support from the foster care system to provide the level of care that we know is necessary for our kids and young adults. Your financial support provides nearly 20% of our budget.

Thank you again for your support of Everyday Blessings, Inc.!



Richard L. Stroud CEO / Executive Director